White Label Showcase

Through our work in next-generation UX and touch screen development we identified an open territory in the market around affordable, quick to deploy, turnkey multi-touch software. Similar to the early days of the personal computer, most of software on the market now for mid to large scale touch-screen applications is either custom developed, or more entertainment than application. Think of the cool water ripple effects we’ve all seen. It’s cool, but once the novelty wears off (in about 2 seconds) there isn’t much you can do with it for your business.

As mid to large scale touch screen hardware becomes more accessible, the software to run applications that benefit a business environment remains relatively limited. Our goal was to create something that was easy to use, quick to deploy with visual design that looked better than anything else on the market.

To make sure we crafted the right user experience we applied our proprietary PUSH Offices audience research methodology which involved traveling to national trade-shows, in-depth customer interviews, competitive audits and end user testing.

The result was a new, leading edge touch software product called “White Label Showcase”. A streamlined content management system (CMS) is built into the application, giving users the ability to easily create and manage their own unique, visually engaging, multi-touch presentations.

To date, Fortune 500 and global companies including Applied Materials, Black & Decker, Boeing, McKesson, Neutrogena, Owens Corning, and United Launch Alliance have counted on our White Label Showcase software to present their products and services all over the world.

White Label Showcase was acquired in August of 2014.