How does one university stand out from the next on the college tour?

Give them something they can't see anywhere else.

College recruitent has become increasingly competitive. With programs all competiing for prospective students, Trinity University wanted something that would stand out from the fog of campus tours most students undertake.

The Welcome Center is usually the first stop for any college tour. My team collaborated with Colab – Trinity's agency of record to create an experience that no one would forget.

After looking at the Welcome Center and talking with prospective students, we had the idea for an interactive table. But not just any table. The idea was to create something that could become a tool for academic and self discovery.

A series of twenty five “quote cards” were created, each uniquely designed and targeted to a specific personality type and potential field of study. The idea was to get the kids excited about quotes and topics, enticing them to select a card and place it on the table. At that point, the table comes to life, identifying the quote, displaying related topics, areas of study, on-campus information and academic multi-media specific to the card.

Trinity Welcome Center


Placing more cards on the table creates a beautiful visual lattice of interests, activities and academic opportunities at Trinity University. 



Students and visitors were encouraged to take the cards home as a reminder of Trinity’s commitment to innovation and technology.


One of the content strategy challenges we overcame was ensuring that cards had a mix of related subjects and areas. We quickly discovered that our spreadsheets were too large for us to review through even our biggest monitors.

Trinity Process

Roles Included : Team Leadership, Creative Direction, UX Design Leadership, Strategy, Copy Writing