What is the future of TV when you have access to all content and own nothing?

Finding new, exciting, and personal content becomes less about what you own and more about what you're in the mood for.

Samsung Design America came to my team with a big challenge — to conceptualize the future of television. Samsung wanted to know how their TV products would need to adapt to a future where all the content in the world would be available anytime, anywhere on any device. Our initial hypothesis was that the TV still mattered and that the family room moment still mattered, but that the context of usage would have to be different. The challenge became how to simplify the world of unlimited possibility while making it fun and relevant at the same time.

Through examining the TV watching experience, we discovered that the real opportunity was less about the system and more about the people. “What am I in the mood for?” We heard this over and over again. So our solution became how to harness the power of mood. We designed an interface that was multi-faceted, allowing a person to explore different moods at the same time.

Samsung Future Of TV
Samsung Mood Tuner

Through an intuitive user interface, people could dial up or down different moods or feelings, watching the content results change in real time.


This selection process could be done on a mobile phone or tablet as well as using gesture control. We explored different touch, gesture, voice tracking and intelligent UI interfaces around these themes and produced a cinematic.

Samsung Future Of TV

Roles Included : Team Leadership, Creative Direction, UX Design Leadership, Strategy, Copy Writing