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Introducing The Sport Of Fitness

Reebok approached my team to conduct a global design research project to uncover emerging youth style trends and establish a digital lifestyle segmentation. The project took the PUSH Offices team to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, and London and required a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Beyond just understanding the Reebok audience, the goal for PUSH Offices was to attempt to understand youth culture as a whole, specifically the hidden thoughts, motivations and behaviors of young, fashion-forward tastemakers.

Reebok was also on the verge of redesigning Reebok.com and desperately needed trend research and a design strategy in order to focus their design and marketing efforts. The final output was a comprehensive 250-page report in book form, which contained gorgeous visualizations and graphs and outlined the audience, segmentation, profiles, trends, purchase criteria, brand perceptions and tactical recommendations.


The strategy galvanized internal marketing and leadership teams around a common segmentation model and created awareness of the needs of style-focused trendsetters. The report became the basis of Reebok’s global marketing and content strategy.

Reebok Report 1

The final result was a new strategic direction for Reebok – backed by business and audience insights, and culminated with the campaign launch for the 2012 Superbowl commercial and the unveiling of the new reebok.com site experience.


We analyzed over 200 fitness publications for language, syntax and message. To find the meaning in the data we wrote our own proprietary software that linked article titles.


Our goal was to understand youth culture, digital trends, and what is the new-new.


Roles Included : Team Leadership, Creative Direction, Strategy