What do kids and parents want from a streaming video-on-demand service?

Talk to some kids. They have a surprisingly clear idea of what makes a great streaming service.

Qello Concerts – a the leading concert streaming service on the Apple TV and Roku platforms, approached my team  to launch a new streaming service targeted at the children’s VOD market.

Initially we thought the requirements of a kids VOD service should include a buttoned up set of children’s content filters; but through the course of our analysis, we found that what parents wanted couldn’t be any further from this assumption.

Parents really wanted a glanceable way to see what there kid was interested in, not a better tool to limit them.

We quickly shifted our launch strategy from the “Walled Garden” approach to a creative way to display info graphics based on children’s viewership.

The launch included everything from product design, branding, and go-to-market strategy.

Qkids Logo

To solve the challenge of navigating content categories for kids that can't read yet we invented a new visual-tag based form of navigation.

Character Design_5.jpg

Part of the identity for the application included a series of characters, each representing different types of content.

Qkids Characters

We thought the challenge would be to create a "walled garden" of kid friendly content. 


It turned out the frustration of parents was relating to their children's content and thus their children so we gave them glanceable tools to see what their kids were interested in.

Parents iPad View



Visual Design


Roles Included : Team Leadership, Creative Direction, UX Design Leadership, Strategy, Copy Writing