How do you put your mark on an iconic strip of San Francisco?

OPEN. It's what Mozilla stands for. The purest form of a brand's positioning is sometimes the most powerful.

Mozilla asked PUSH Offices to develop signage concepts for their new office location on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Excited with the possibility of working with such a storied brand, PUSH Offices began our exploration with the history and legacy of Mozilla. We talked to leaders. We mined the archives. We studied their designs over time. And we arrived at a pure, creative concept. We simplified Mozilla’s mission to a single word. OPEN.

Mozilla Brand


The signage is a twenty foot sculpture of layered glass. The form consists of stacked letters, each legible from any angle, internally lit to be visible at any time of day or night. The form is a literal embodiment of the accessibility and opportunity of Mozilla, utilizing the rich orange palette, a signature of the Mozilla identity, combined with a strong typographic design.


Mozilla stands for one thing. Open.


The new signage concept embodies the spirit of the brand and is an elegant solution that blurs the line between art & public signage along the Embarcadro walkway.


Roles Included : Team Leadership, Creative Direction, UX Design Leadership, Strategy, Copy Writing