How do you create a retail experience that will stop people in their tracks?  

Make it memorable.

Jack Morton, Hertz’s retail agency, hired PUSH Offices to design and develop a unique, traveling, interactive exhibit to showcase the new Hertz 24/7 hourly car rental service. The experience was part of a larger national marketing effort to tell a new Hertz story, one in which Hertz vehicles are available, parked on streets throughout a city, easy to unlock with a RFID card or mobile phone. 

Visitors to the space were encouraged to interact with three large-scale touch screens, each focusing on a different aspect of the Hertz 24/7 story. The first touchscreen illustrated the depth and breadth of the Hertz fleet, allowing people to swipe through all new models, tapping the cars for more information. The second touchscreen focused on the new technologies behind Hertz innovation, such as utilizing RFID cards and Near Field Communications-enabled smartphones. The third touchscreen displayed a large map of the local area showing Hertz vehicle locations and popular points of interest. 

Hertz 24/7 Experience

The pop-up exhibit introduced the new hourly-rental program to a new generation of Hertz customers.


Roles Included : Team Leadership, Creative Direction, UX Design Leadership, Strategy, Copy Writing